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Seal of Approval is a game about seals and an approval. Some icebreaking for two.

You check your list, then you switch with your partner. Then, you discuss the results! Do you give a seal of approval?

Seal of Approval includes:

  • Colour PDF with a cute seal
  • Printer-friendly PDF (white/black)

Google Sheets (The List)

Updated 2 days ago
Published 9 days ago
CategoryPhysical game
AuthorCommon Fortress
TagsCute, Minimalist, One-shot, seal, ttrpg


Seal-of-Approval.pdf 910 kB
Seal-of-Approval-printer-friendly.pdf 427 kB


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I really liked how it's cute while still being a fun minigame for folks even with just a few minutes of time to spare!

needles to say, it has my SEAL OF APPROVAL ^^

Thanks ^^ Here's my Seal of Approval too!