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After years of abuse, life of poverty (or struggle for modesty) andinjustice, you all commited to last stand for the greater good. It’s your grand „fuck you” to the cruel and perilous world. The showtime plays during October: the last month before the frost & snow shall buryyour effort.

OR maybe you’ll oppose such nonsense. Social order is bad, but it had been worked for ages and had been protected you. Status quo can crumble anytime...

The world we’re all living. Muddy roads from ancient past, castles and manors of filth and wealth. Cities become richer and richer; villages poorer and poorer. Chivalry and honor crushed by reality of lead, smoke and trade. Superstition rules it all; official or the real one. Somebody says, that some monsters are hiding here and there; in theruins, in the deep forest, in the underground. But who really is themonster?

Anyway, it’s raining. Right now.

This is an unofficial playset for Fiasco Classic, for shenanigans which leads to persona fiasco in rather poor attempt for greater stand. Early modern times, some dark fantasy monsters & stuff. Based on October Rust; however, original game isn't required.


OctoberFiasco.pdf 1 MB

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