October Fiasco & The Future

Hello! :)

Today I bring some news. First, I released October Fiasco - a playset for Fiasco Classic, based on premise of original game (October Rust). Maybe it's a one of unneccessary project, but the playset itself was important for me. It helped me to fix October Rust: what is the essence, what is the setting & fiction, what is an awesome to see during the session. 

Here's my reflections on what to do next after October Rust. I have a plan to work on two supplements for OR. Not this year yet, but:

  • "Vials of Mercury" - collection of insta-scenarios, based on my inspirations and ideas how to interpret Five Questions from Adventure List.
  • Another one - not named yet - about alternate question's options for Adventure List and  trappings list. Maybe something else. 

What do you actually want to see, for October Rust? :)

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